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Interprofessional Skills Assessment

Interprofessional Reflection Guide (Student Version)

This reflection guide is designed to support health sciences students in structuring their individual and team reflections. It will also support educators in assessing student reflections and providing feedback in a consistent way. The guide defines reflection within a professional context, and provides a basic rationale for reflection.
Author: University of Alberta: Health Science Education and Research Commons 
Interprofessional Competencies: Reflection
Document: Interprofessional Reflection Guide (Student Version)
The Practitioner Version is on the Competencies and Foundations page.

TOSCE Assessment and Debriefing Guide

This guide helps instructors assess and debrief a TOSCE (Team Objective Structured Clinical Exam). While observing students during a patient conference, instructors make notes about student performance on the front page of the guide. Instructors use these notes to inform the feedback they provide to students after the conference. On the back page, instructors provide ratings based on a scoring rubric to determine a team grade.
Author: Health Sciences Education and Research Commons (HSERC)
Interprofessional Competencies: Communication, Collaboration, Role Clarification, Reflection
Document: TOSCE Assessment and Debriefing Guide