HSERC Projects

The Health Sciences Education and Research Commons (HSERC) uses different learning environments (classroom, clinical, virtual and simulation) to support the development of interprofessional competencies for collaborative practice. Research in these environments investigates how the development of team competencies and experiences can make an impact in the health curriculum. HSERC promotes the use of existing best-practices in interprofessional education and collaborative practice; and is conducting original research into health team pedagogy and development of patient-centred competencies.

In addition to advancing best evidence in health science education, HSERC plays a key role in building capacity for educational research through the Master of Education in Health Sciences Education program. The MEd in HSE is a collaborative program offered by the Faculty of Education and health sciences faculties.

A formal research program is under development, in collaboration with our Academic leads. This research program involves three key components*:

  1. Knowledge sharing and use (Advocacy and Promotion)
  2. Research and knowledge development (Learning)
  3. Research infrastructure (Accountability)

* adapted from the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Report of the Panel on the Return on Investments in Health Research (2009)