Booking Requests

Please be advised that we have resumed operations in a limited capacity.   Please see below for details and important information regarding each of our service areas.
  1. Standardized Patient Program.    The Standardized Patient Program is now fully operational.  Please see below for booking requests.
  2. Licensure / Assessment Exams.   We have received remote delivery exceptions approval for all fall licensing exams.  This includes exams that were cancelled in the spring and rescheduled for later this year.   
  3. HSERC SIM Spaces and Support.   At this time we are only able to provide access to SIM facilities and related support to those programs with remote delivery exceptions approval.   Please see below for booking requests.

What do you need?

HSERC Space Booking
To book space or services for an event, meeting, or tour of HSERC's simulation space.

Standardized Patient Booking
To book a Standardized Patient.

If you need to both a) book a Standardized Patient and b) request access to the HSERC lab, complete both the Event Booking and Standardized Patient booking forms above. Please note that only HSERC Standardized Patients can be employed in the HSERC lab.

Licensure/Assessment Exams
Interested in booking HSERC's simulation space for your licensure/assessment exam? Contact our Project & Exam Coordinators for more information.

For more information about using HSERC space, please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).