CPR Trainers

Information below is adapted from manufacturer's product information

Resusci Anne (4)

With its modular construction, Resusci Anne offers optimal realism and quality for adult CPR education.


  • Natural obstruction of the airway
  • Movable jaw
  • Human-like compliance for inflations and compressions
  • Chest rise with inflations
  • Realistic landmarks for compression point location
  • Carotid pulse, manual

Baby Anne Four Pack (2)

The Baby Anne mannequin provides effective infant CPR training without compromising realism or quality. Realistic chest compressions and chest rise allow students to learn proper CPR techniques.


  • Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch required for mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • Natural obstruction of the airway allows students to learn the important technique of opening the airway
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust allow students to practice correctly all maneuvers necessary when resuscitating a real patient
  • Realistic chest compliance means students can experience the proper technique required for chest compressions on infants
  • Foreign-body airway obstruction feature allows the release of a foreign-body obstruction to be practiced through back blows and chest-thrust techniques
  • Economical disposable airways for quick and easy clean up