Information below is adapted from manufacturer's product information

Stryker Prime Stretcher (5)

The Stryker Prime stretcher was designed to ensure caregiver safety and efficiency while ensuring the patient's comfort and dignity. It is 'back smart' and can reduce caregiver injuries during patient care.


  • Patients can adjust their own positions without calling a caregiver for assistance
  • Contemporary colors and shapes provide continuity and order
  • Modern design communicates state-of-the-art technology and innovation
  • Rounded and streamlined shape enhances cleanability
  • Color-coded accent rings above the caster can identify departments and match other standardized department colours

Hill-Rom Procedural Stretcher (2)

Hill-Rom's Procedural Stretcher was designed for versatility and the ease of use needed for caregivers' ever changing environment and patient population.


  • Active hand brake
  • Four-sided brake and steer pedals
  • Push handles with integrated IV pole cradle
  • Integrated utility tray