Video Capture Systems


Information below is adapted from manufacturer's product information


B-Line Medical software focuses on the capture, debriefing, and assessment of scenario training and clinical events. B-Line's web-based video capture and live stream programs, Clinical Skills and SimCapture, aid in providing robust experiential learning by recording students' interactions during simulations. These recorded sessions are used for debriefing, training or evaluation.

  • SimCapture is available in the Smart Condo™, Multi-Purpose Labs 1 & 2, Universal Patient Room, Critical Care Room, Specialized Care Suite, 2 debrief rooms, and 1 large meeting room
  • One portable SimCapture system with 4 mobile cameras

HSERC supports the use of this technology by providing instruction on how to incorporate these technologies into your events and activities. We can also provide trained B-Line Operators to administer your event.


Recording and review capability, simulator integration, and ease of use make SimCapture the top choice among more top-tier medical institutions than any other solution.Sim Capture can gather and distribute content from any source: web-optimized video, simulator data graphing, high resolution screen capture of medical devices all via a 100 percent web-based solution.
Assessment tools allow for collaborative grading and research, while reports demonstrate learner advancement and measure training center efficiency. SimCapture units centralize seamlessly via SimBridge®, the server-based software that forms the backbone of best-in-class simulation centers.


  • Capture video, simulator logs and annotations
  • Assemble comprehensive participant portfolios
  • Integrate with multiple types of simulators
  • Customizable roles and participant types
  • Up to 6 video inputs (4 BNC and 1-2 DVI/VGA)
  • Encode any four feeds simultaneously
  • High resolution H.264 encoding and streaming
  • Option to record and annotate from your phone
  • Stream sessions live to up to 5 remote sites
  • Debrief from anywhere (locally or remotely)
  • Generate numerous reports
  • 100 per cent web-accessible (works on or offline)
  • Centralize multiple SimCaptures via SimBridge®

Clinical Skills

Clinical Skills is an operating and management solution for standardized patient programs. Users can quickly build cases and checklists from a drag-and-drop collaborative case library, schedule events, configure dozens of exam rooms for recordings and exams in minutes, and generate numerous standard and custom reports.

Video capture technology allows users to record up to four synchronized camera feeds per exam room in h.264 format. Clinical Skills is 100 percent web-based, allowing for an accessible and productive work environment both in and outside of the center.

  • Control exams and recording in dozens of rooms at once
  • Capture up to four synchronized camera feeds per room
  • All videos captured in h.264 format at 640x480
  • Fault tolerant recording with redundancies built in
  • Powerful reporting options (PDF, Excel, HTML formats)
  • Web-based and collaborative administration
  • Collaborative drag-and-drop checklist builder
  • Multi-level role-based security
  • Watch multiple session videos in sync live or post
  • Annotate video sessions, live or post
  • 100 per cent web-based, Mac and PC compatible