Smart Condo™



  • 94m2

This one Bedroom Condo Features:

  • Movable counters and removable floors for the installation of wireless sensor technology for remote monitoring
  • Bathroom with two access doors to allow for simultaneous simulation activities
  • External control room without observation window to reduce the "observer effect"
  • Control room with separate feeds into the bathroom and the suite to support simultaneous simulations
  • Full functional kitchen designed using universal design principles


  • Fully equipped as a one bedroom apartment/condo
  • Universal design principles applied throughout
  • Specialized rehabilitation equipment is available for use in this space


  • IP based PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras in kitchen/living area, washroom and bedroom

  • Ceiling mounted loudspeakers and microphones

  • B-Line Medical Sim-Capture Technology

Potential Educational and Research Activities

The Smart Condo™ is used to simulate home visits allowing healthcare professionals to increase their understanding of assisted living devices (e.g.,wheelchairs, walkers) and to practice working respectfully within their patients' private and personal space. The integration of intelligent technology also provides opportunities to learn how to communicate and collaborate with patients living in 'intelligent' homes.

The Condo™ provides opportunities for research around the use of applied universal design principles; users apply knowledge of occupational performance, functional design and human factors (i.e., physical, cognitive and sensory) to design for aging or mobility impaired populations, with a focus on wellness.

The integration of intelligent technology, such as wireless sensors for remote monitoring, can improve quality of life for chronically ill patients and reduce hospital stays. This technology will be used to monitor health-related events and to transmit collected information to an online virtual environment. The Smart Condo™ supports the development of technology for remote monitoring and health care in rural Canada.

In addition to home care/palliative care simulation, the Condo™ can be used as a focus group room for the study of parent-child interactions, aging in place observation, and microbiology safe food handling.