Bariatric / Specialized Care Suite



  • 48m2

Special Features:

  • Designed to accommodate patients with extreme obesity (wider doors, additional space around bed)
  • Operational medical gases (simulated) on a fixed headwall
  • Ceiling lift
  • Family consultation area in room
  • Attached bathroom with ceiling lift extending from the bedroom, equipped with floor mounted toilet and sink
  • Wheel chair accessible shower


  • Fully electric bariatric bed
  • Ceiling lift
  • Bariatric furniture
  • Other portable lifts and patient transfer aids
  • Bariatric wheelchair
  • Standard acute care equipment
  • Bariatric simulation suits
  • Bariatric Rescue Training Mannequin


  • Input Sources
    • Touch-sensitive, all-in-one PC on a cart at bed
    • IP based PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras over bed and in bathroom
  • Sound
    • Ceiling mounted loudspeakers located over bed(s) and in bathroom
    • Ceiling mounted boundary style microphone located over bed and in bathroom
  • Display
    • wall-mounted 42" monitor
  • B-Line Medical Sim-Capture Technology
  • Revo-Mics (wireless 2-way voice devices that allow the flow of information between off-stage faculty in a control or observation room and on-stage Embedded Simulated Persons, aka "Confederates")

Potential Educational and Research Activities

This space is appropriate for simulations involving patients with chronic conditions and special needs including, but not limited to, bariatric care, neurological conditions, and people with reduced functional mobility.

The space can accommodate people with severe obesity and is used extensively for (bariatric) research, teaching and specialized training in the field of bariatric care. An overhead lift allows participants to learn on the same equipment found in care facilities, and to practice difficult maneuvers in a controlled environment using mannequins or Standardized Patients.

Developing these skills in a simulation facility means practitioners are better prepared to manage real life situations with actual patients.