Standardized Patient Lounge and Training Room



  • 53m2 (570 sq ft)


  • 20 people

Special Features:

  • Designed for flexibility; includes an audio visual presentation system
  • Make-up area, dressing room, showers, lockers
  • Private entrance and access to clinical exam/procedure rooms
  • One-way communication from Proctor Room


  • Computer, DVD player
  • Large, Wall-Mounted Monitor (Smart Board)

Potential Educational and Research Activities

This space is the hub for human simulation activities including training, debriefing and preparation for activities occurring throughout the centre. The space provides a makeup, moulage prep area, dressing rooms, showers, lockers and has a private entry for standardized patients and others. There is also a private entrance from the lounge area into the exam procedure area; this allows those performing simulations to access the area without being seen by the trainees.