Universal Patient Room



  • 35m2 (376 sq ft)
  • Anteroom: 4m2 (43 sq ft)

Special Features:

  • Two hospital beds that can be separated by a curtain
  • Two fixed headwalls with medical air only; can be equipped with oxygen (please contact us for further information if you require oxygen)
  • Can be used with high fidelity mannequins or simulated patients
  • Attached infection control ante room and two external charting stations


  • Stocked crash cart


  • Input Sources
    • IP based PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras
  • Sound
    • Ceiling mounted loudspeakers located over bed(s)
    • Ceiling mounted boundary style microphone located over each bed
    • AV system featuring web-based recording facilities, off-site live streaming and playback
  • B-Line Medical SimCapture Technology
  • Revo-Mics (wireless 2-way voice devices that facilitate the flow of information between off-stage faculty in a control or observation room and on-stage Embedded Simulated Persons, aka "Confederates")

Potential Educational and Research Activities

The Universal Patient room can be used to simulate a traditional hospital room/ ward or an isolation room. The anteroom is used to train healthcare professionals in infection control procedures, and for training in accessing patients who require isolation. Activities are supported by an external control room with observation window.