Greta Cumings, College Dean of Health Sciences

Greta Cummings

College Dean of Health Sciences

Greta Cummings is the interim college dean of the University of Alberta’s College of Health Sciences, which brings together the combined strength of the faculties of kinesiology, sport, and recreation, medicine and dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, public health, and rehabilitation medicine. It represents more than 770 faculty members and more than 7,200 undergraduate and graduate students.

Prior to becoming college dean, Dr. Cummings served as dean of the Faculty of Nursing for four years. She is passionate about relational nursing leadership that empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve shared goals.


Dr. Cummings is principal investigator of the Connecting Leadership Education & Research ( CLEAR) Outcomes Program, which focuses on building and disseminating a body of evidence about approaches to nursing and healthcare leadership development by individuals and organizations to achieve better outcomes for the healthcare workforce, healthcare system and ultimately, for patients (including residents and clients) in the health system. She was one of 3,215 Highly Cited Researchers in 2014, and ranks among the top 1% most cited for their subject field and year of publication.


Dr. Cummings supervises undergraduate and graduate students, and teaches leadership, policy, knowledge translation and research. She mentors graduate students interested in leadership, management policy and other organizational aspects of health care delivery that influence organizational, health care provider, and patient outcomes. In addition to graduate students, she supervises postdoctoral fellows and Honors undergraduate students.