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Office of Education

The College of Health Sciences’ Office of Education will be responsible for shared student services, coordinated student advising, academic integrity processes, and administrative work related to experiential and work-integrated learning.

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Process Mapping

The College of Health Sciences and our faculties, as well as other colleges, have been engaged in process mapping workshops to begin transitioning academic integrity and scheduling and timetabling functions from faculties to the college. This work involved a great deal of time commitment and thoughtful input from faculty subject matter experts and faculty leaders. We are grateful for their engagement in taking the existing variety of processes in each department or faculty and developing a single approach that will give students and staff a similar experience regardless of college, faculty or department.

We will now work with individual faculties to discuss the CHS-specific potential exceptions for further analysis, while recruiting for new positions to support this work at the college. We encourage anyone who is interested in these positions to apply.

Learn more in our recent news bulletin.

Associate Dean, Education


Patricia (Trish) Manns, PhD (Health and Human Performance), MSc (Kinesiology) is a Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and has served as the Associate Dean-Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine since 2017. She completed graduate work in the area of Exercise Science at the University of Saskatchewan and Oregon State University. Working with people with stroke and multiple sclerosis, her research focuses on the development and testing of strategies to maintain or improve health and everyday function. Trish trained as a physical therapist and has worked clinically as a neurological physical therapist in both Canada and the United States.

Director, Office of Education

Lihong Yang

Lihong Yang is the inaugural Director, Office of Education, for the College of Health Sciences. Lihong brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to this new role, with a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in Administration of Postsecondary Education, a Master’s in International Journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics and Literature.

Lihong has been on campus for over 20 years working in International Relations and Recruitment; as Assistant Registrar in Admissions in the Office of the Registrar; as Assistant Chair Administration; and most recently, as Academic Department Manager in the Faculty Arts.

Office of Research

The College of Health Sciences’ Office of Research is being established in consultation with the Vice President (Research and Innovation), Senior Research Partners, and CHS Vice and Associate Deans of Research.

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We will be recruiting for new positions to support this work at the college and encourage anyone who is interested in these positions to apply.

Learn more about the process to date in our recent news bulletin.

Associate Dean, Research

Lawrence Richer

Lawrence Richer, MD, MSc (Clinical Epidemiology) is a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and a practicing Pediatric Neurologist. He serves as the Vice-Dean Research (Clinical) of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Center Director of the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Center (NACTRC), and academic lead for the Precision Health Signature Area. He also holds the Alberta Health Services Chair in Health Informatics Research. In his leadership roles, he is committed to advancing support for impactful health research at the University of Alberta, leveraging health data to improve patient outcomes and health innovation. His research interests focus on clinical trials, real-world evidence, the application of precision health in pediatric autonomic disorders and the treatment of pediatric migraine.