History, Classics, and Religion Graduate Students' Association

About Us

Our mandate is to represent the interests of members and to further the intellectual and social interests of graduate students in the disciplines of History, Classics, and Religious Studies. This is done through scholastic events such as the annual graduate conference. The HCRSGSA also organizes social events such as pub nights and holiday parties.


2021-2022 Executive

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at hcgsa@ualberta.ca, or send a message directly to the appropriate executive member. 

Name Position Email
Connor Thompson President cjt1@ualberta.ca
Laura McLean  Vice-President President  lsmclean@ualberta.ca
Mack Harding Vice-President (Religious Studies)  mrhardin@ualberta.ca
Jane Allred Treasurer allred@ualberta.ca
Sean Patterson VP Conference (History) sdpatter@ualberta.ca
TBA VP Conference (Classics)
TBA VP Conference (Religious Studies) 
TBA VP Communications
TBA VP Fundraising
TBA VP Social/Activities
TBA Axis Mundi Representative 
TBA Past Imperfect Representatice

Department Representatives

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