Submission and Binding of Theses

Submission and Binding of Hard Copies of Theses and Research Projects Required by the Department

  1. The Department requires two bound hard copies of the MA or PhD thesis or the course-based research project (three in the case of co-supervision). The Department covers the costs of binding these two (or three) copies.
  2. Personal bound hard copies may be ordered by the student for his/her library or as gifts for friends and family at the same time as the requisition for the Departmental copies is submitted. The student is responsible for the costs of binding these copies; the usual charge is approximately $42 for each copy.
  3. The Department's copies of the thesis or the course-based research project must be printed on Radcliffe, Ernscliffe or 50% cotton paper only.
  4. The student brings the required number of unbound copies of the thesis or course-based research project (printed on the proper paper) to the Graduate Advisor for inspection to ensure that the presentation meets Departmental requirements. The Graduate Advisor then fills out the printing requisition and the student delivers the unbound copies to McCallum Printing (B31 Cameron Library) for binding. Remember that the binding costs of any personal copies delivered at the same time are borne by the student.
  5. On the printing requisition form, the thesis or research project title will be shortened to 45 characters (including spaces) for the spine of the bound volume if the full title is too lengthy. The reason for the short title is to facilitate easy identification on the library shelf.
  6. The Department uses specific colours in binding:
    Classics -PhD (black)
    - MA/research project (brown)
    History - PhD (dark red)
    - MA/thesis (dark red)
    - MA/research project (brown)
  7. McCallum Printing will be instructed to send all bound copies to the Department. If personal copies have been ordered, the Graduate Advisor will notify the student by email that they have arrived. It is the student's responsibility to pick them up or to arrange to have them picked up