New Book by Dr. Pownall!

18 November 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Pownall on her new book! 
Affective Relations and Personal Bonds in Hellenistic Antiquity: Studies in Honor of Elizabeth D. Carney, edited by Monica D'Agostini , Edward M. Anson, and Frances Pownall. Oxford and Philadelphia, Oxbow Books, 2020.
This volume offers a tribute to the pioneering work of Elizabeth D. Carney on the social dynamics of the Macedonian court. Moving beyond the traditional focus on the structure and functioning of monarchical institutions or on the strategic and tactical dimensions of political and military events in Ancient Macedonia, her scholarship offered the academic world a completely new perspective on the network of relationships surrounding the exercise of power at the Macedonian court. Building on the dialogue between socio-cultural and political factors developed by Elizabeth Carney, the essays in this volume, written by a team of international experts, investigate how dynastic behaviour and interpersonal relations influenced the complex history of the Hellenistic Age.
You can check it out here