History and Classics


Accolades (March 2019)

History and Classics is pleased to announce the following 2019 teaching award winners among our excellent team of ATS and graduate student instructors: 

Lech Lebiedowski for the Kathleen W Klawe Prize for Excellence in Teaching of Large Classes, and

James White as a second time recipient of a Faculty Graduate Student Teaching Award.

Congratulations also to Jeremy Rossiter for being recognized with a Faculty of Arts' 2019 Great Supervisor Award!


Congratulations - H & C Grad Students Claire Thomson wins the BMO Financial Group Graduate Scholarship

The awards committee of FGSR recently awarded Claire Thomon, PhD student in History (supervised by Prof. Sarah Carter), the highly prestigious BMO Financial Group Graduate Scholarship, worth $20,000.

Claire Thomson's dissertation is focused on the Lakota, who live in the borderlands of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and the US states of Montana, North and South Dakota. By studying oral histories and archival records of Lakota communities, Claire works toward charting a network of relationships based on gender, kinship over time and place that constitutes the Lakota 'Tamakoče' (homeland, community and relationships), a lived experience that sustains a realm of belonging which goes beyond the geopolitical boundaries set by provincial and federal governments.

The BMO Graduate Scholarship recognizes superior academic achievement and demonstrated research ability or research potential in graduate students. This university-wide award is very competitive and only one scholarship is granted annually. The award therefore represents Claire's significant accomplishments in her PhD research.

Accept our warm congratulations, Claire!


Congratulations - 2018 American Book Prices Current Exhibition Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Gow & Francois Pageau from our Department.

Three UofA historians share exhibition prize with Bruce Peel Special Collections:

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) has selected five winners for the 2018 Katharine Kyes Leab and Daniel J. Leab "American Book Prices Current" Exhibition Awards. The awards recognize outstanding printed exhibition catalogs and guides, and electronic exhibitions, produced by North American and Caribbean institutions.

The Division Five (electronic exhibition) winner is the University of Alberta's Bruce Peel Special Collections Library for "Tinctor's Foul Treatise", curated by Andrew Gow, professor of history, Robert B. Desjardins, independent scholar and graduate writing advisor, and Francois V. Pageau, doctoral candidate in medieval history, at the University of Alberta.

https://omeka.library.ualberta.ca/exhibits/ show/tinctor/imagining


You can also visit the full details on our News feed.


Faculty of Arts Teaching Awards 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Heather Coleman and Dr. John Harris, winners respectively of the Faculty of Arts Graduate & Undergraduate Teaching Awards 2018!  

The Awards Ceremony will be held in May 2018 - further details to follow.

Special thanks for Jaymie Heilman for her work on these nominations.

'Great Supervisor Award' - Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Congratulations to Dr. Selina Stewart and Dr. Heather Coleman who attended the celebration on February 14/18 who were awarded copper mugs as a token of appreciation for their mentorship and guidance in supervising graduate students.

Graduate Teaching Award 2018

Congratulations to Kelsey Koon who received some very positive feedback from her students in multiple course she taught and is highly deserving of this award.  Special thanks to Shannon Stunden bower for all the time and energy spent in putting together this successful nomination.  Additional thank you to Jaymie Heilman for her role in this award.

Three Minute Thesis - Department of History & Classics

Congratulations to our department graduates students, James White, Adrian Christ, Letitia Johnson!  All three moved onto the Semi-Finals in March 2018.  Special thanks to the jury, Heather Coleman, Frances Pownall, Candace Rice and Susan Smith and to Margriet Haagsma and James White for organizing the event.

Well done, Sarah Carter!

Sarah's book "Imperial Plots: Women, Land, and the Spadework of British Colonialism on the Canadian Prairies" has been recognized with the following awards: 1) the Governor General's History Award for Scholarly Research: The Macdonald Prize (2017) for having made the most significant contribution to the understanding of Canada's past; 2) the Clio Prize (Prairies) (2017) by the Canadian Historical Association for its "exceptional contribution" to regional history; and 3) the Gita Chaudhuri Prize (2017) from the Western Association of Women Historians.  The book was also nominated for several other awards.  A tremendous feat, Sarah!