PhD in History

GEOGRAPHIC FIELDS                                                          Responsible Faculty    

Russia and Soviet Union                                                           Coleman, Marples, Kravchenko

Eastern/Central Europe                                                            Coleman, Kravchenko, Marples, Patrouch

Canada                                                                                   Carter, Ens, Muir, Piper, Stunden Bower

US                                                                                          Ede, Romeo

Pre-Modern Europe                                                                  Kitchen, Patrouch

Modern Europe                                                                        Lemire, Moure, Patrouch, Sweeney

Africa                                                                                      Hendrickson, McDougall

South Asia before 1200 CE                                                       Dagmar Wujastyk, Dominik Wujastyk

East Asia before 1500 CE                                                         Dunch

East Asia after 1500 CE                                                            Dunch

Pre-Modern Middle East and North Africa                                   Hendrickson

Modern Middle East and North Africa                                         Gahan, Hendrickson, McDougall

Pacific World (minor only)                                                       Samson

Modern Latin America and Caribbean (minor only)                     Heilman


THEMATIC FIELDS                                                    Responsible Faculty

Race, Ethnicity, and Identity                                         Carter, Coleman, Gahan, Heilman, Marples, McDougall, Samson                                                                        

Environmental History                                                  Ens, Patrouch, Piper, Stunden Bower

History of Religion                                                       Dunch, Gahan, Hendrickson, Kitchen, Patrouch, Samson

Science and Technology                                              Cormack, Ede, Smith, Stunden Bower, Dagmar Wujastyk, Dominik Wujastyk

War and Society                                                         Ede, Marples, Moure, Smith

Empire and Colonialism                                               Dunch, Marples, McDougall, Patrouch, Piper, Samson

Gender and Sexuality                                                  Carter, Gahan, Lemire, McDougall, Romeo, Samson

Legal History                                                              Hendrickson, Muir, Romeo

Indigenous History                                                      Samson

Urban History                                                             Gahan, Moure, Patrouch, Stunden Bower

Material Culture                                                          Ede, Lemire, Samson

Digital Humanities                                                      Gouglas

Public History                                                            Patrouch, Samson

Cultural and Intellectual History                                   Kitchen, Samson, Sweeney, Do. Wujastyk,

Social History, Labor History, & Everyday Life              Gahan, McDougall, Moure, Patrouch, Moure

History of Medicine and Health                                   Piper, Dagmar Wujastyk, Dominik Wujastyk