History and Classics

Classical Archaeology

Classical Archaeology has a long history at the University of Alberta, with a well-deserved international reputation for site excavations by faculty in Italy, Greece, and Tunisia. Students can undertake graduate work in these and other geographic areas in the ancient world, together with specialization in one or more particular periods and thematic areas.

Our fields of graduate study in Classical Archaeology include the following:


  • Roman and Late Antique Italy (Hijmans, Rice, Rossiter)
  • Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Greece (Haagsma)
  • Britain, North Africa, Turkey (Rossiter)


  • Archaeological methodology and techniques, geophysical applications (Haagsma, Rice, Rossiter)
  • Art (Hijmans)
  • Architecture (Haagsma, Rice, Rossiter)
  • Economic and social (Haagsma, Hijmans, Rice, Rossiter)
  • Iconography (Hijmans, Rossiter)
  • History of religion (Hijmans)
  • Intellectual history of archaeology (Haagsma, Rice)
  • Material culture (Haagsma, Hijmans, Rice, Rossiter)
  • Settlement development, land use, survey (Haagsma, Rice)


In addition to the range of courses offered in the Classics Division, which include specialized seminars on historical and literary topics, other colleagues in the Departments of Anthropology and Art History, in Humanities Computing, and in the Ancient Societies and Cultures MA program offer courses and seminars in related topics and serve on graduate committees.

Research Infrastructure

Archaeological excavations teaching methodology and techniques (including geophysical exploration) in Italy and Greece, a summer program in Rome, and affiliation with various European universities and archaeological institutes provide students first-hand knowledge of the ancient world. Students doing fieldwork abroad also have the opportunity to interact with their colleagues in other countries. Thanks to the long standing pre-eminence on the national and international level of Classical Archaeology at the University of Alberta, the extensive library holdings in this area are second to none in Canada. The W.G. Hardy Museum of Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities is located in the Department.

Faculty members’ areas of graduate teaching and supervision:

Margriet Haagsma (Ph.D. Groningen)
Greek archaeology, archaeology of domestic space, social and economic history of Hellenistic Greece

Steven Hijmans (Ph.D. Groningen)
Roman art and archaeology, Roman religion

Jeremy Rossiter (Ph.D. Alberta)
Archaeology of the Roman provinces