The Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta has broad faculty strengths in History, Classics and Religious Studies. Latin and Greek, the history of Christianity, and historical theory and methodology are all offered from the undergraduate to the Ph.D. level in our department, rounding out our normative historical fields of expertise. Eastern European history is one of the department’s two recognized areas of excellence.

Our fields of graduate study in European history include the following:


  • Eastern Europe and Russia (Coleman, Marples, Patrouch)
  • Modern Europe (Marples, Mouré, Samson, Sweeney)
  • Early modern Europe (Cormack, Lemire, Patrouch)
  • Medieval Europe (Kitchen)
  • France, medieval to modern (Kitchen, Mouré)
  • German-speaking lands, medieval to modern (Sweeney, Patrouch)
  • Europe and its colonies (Samson)
  • Pre-modern Britain (Cormack, Lemire)


  • Cultural and intellectual history (Coleman, Kitchen, Patrouch, Samson, Sweeney)
  • Economic and social (Lemire, Marples, Mouré, Patrouch, Sweeney)
  • History of religion (Coleman, Kitchen, Samson)
  • Political and national (Marples, Mouré, Patrouch)
  • Material culture (Cormack, Lemire)
  • Science (Cormack)


Colleagues with strong history credentials in other departments, especially Sylvia Brown and Karyn Ball in English and Lianne McTavish in Art History, provide expanded graduate seminar offerings and committee membership for graduate students in European history. Very strong programs in pre-modern and modern English literature and culture in the Department of English and Film Studies complement our own strengths in these periods. European literary and cultural studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies are also a major area of strength, lending depth and breadth to our offerings.

Research Infrastructure

A monthly European history research workshop for faculty and graduate student research is well attended by colleagues from History and Classics, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, Art History, English and Film Studies and other units.

Our excellent research library, regularly ranked second in Canada (Maclean’s) and in the top 25 in North America, is a strong attraction for students and faculty alike. The Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies, the Peter and Doris Kule Centre for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore, and the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies provide strong institutional context for the study of eastern and central Europe—areas in which many Edmontonians and Albertans have roots. Extensive library holdings of older books, including the entire eighteenth-century library of the archbishops of Salzburg and the nineteenth-century library of Vienna's Juridisch-Politischer Leseverein, lend depth to our strong collection of recent scholarly books and journals.

Language training in fields as diverse as Russian or Ukrainian history, ancient or medieval history (esp. Latin and Greek) and modern Europe is offered either within the Department or in the department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.

Faculty members’ areas of graduate teaching and supervision:

Heather Coleman Canada Research Chair in Russian History (Ph.D. Illinois: Urbana-Champaign)
Russia; early modern eastern Europe; history of religion; cultural history

Lesley Cormack Dean, Faculty of Arts (Ph.D. Toronto)
Early modern Britain, science, especially renaissance cartography, geography, and mathematics; exploration; 19th-century Darwinsim, domestic technology

Andrew Gow (Ph.D. Arizona)
Graduate students wishing to pursue degrees on topics in late medieval/early modern Europe (esp. German, but also some French, Italian or Netherlandish topics), cultural history, the history of religion, intellectual history, or historical theory and methodology are all welcome

John Kitchen (Ph.D. Centre for Medieval Studies, Toronto)
Medieval religion, with specific interest in the period's Latin hagiographic literature and biblical interpretation

Beverly Lemire Henry Marshall Tory Chair in British History; Director, Material Culture Institute (D.Phil. Oxford)
Early modern Britain, women and gender, material culture, economic, social and cultural history 1600-1850

David Marples Distinguished University Professor (2006), Winner of the University Cup (2008), Department Chair (Ph.D. Sheffield)
20th-century Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Soviet Union

Kenneth Mouré (Ph.D. Toronto)
Research focus on economic policy in France and international economy; current research on black markets in France in the 1940s. Graduate supervision in modern France, particularly twentieth century, and European economic history

Joseph Patrouch
Austrian Studies, Early Modern Studies, European Studies

Jane Samson (Ph.D. London)
Modern Britain and British Empire, history of religion, cultural history

Dennis Sweeney (Ph.D. Michigan)
Modern Germany, modern Europe, social and cultural history

Adjunct Professors:

Srdja Pavlovic (Ph.D. Alberta)
Histories, politics, cultures, ideologies, identities, and current affairs of the nation of former Yugoslavia