History and Classics

Greek and Roman History and Literature

Faculty in the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta are engaged in teaching and research on many aspects of the ancient world, including comparative linguistics; Greek poetry, philosophy, and history; Roman history; and Latin literature. Knowledge of Greek and Latin is fundamental to advanced study in any topic in Classics for which we have written sources, whether literary, numismatic, or epigraphical. The MA and PhD in Classical Languages are designed for students who wish to attain a high degree of competence in Greek and Latin and explore all aspects of Greek and Roman culture.

Research Infrastructure

The University of Alberta library system is the second largest in Canada. In addition to a large collection of the standard Greek and Roman authors, its holdings in Classics are notably strong in several important areas, including patristic texts, epigraphy, numismatics, religion, the archaeology of Roman Italy, Italian topography, and Roman Africa. The Department also houses the W.G. Hardy Collection of Ancient Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities.

Faculty members’ areas of graduate teaching and supervision:

John Harris (Ph.D. Illinois)
Greek language, literature, and philosophy

Adam Kemezis (Ph.D. Michigan)
Roman literature and history, ancient historiography, Greek literature of the Roman Empire

Kelly MacFarlane (Ph.D. Alberta)
Greek and Latin literature, Greek music, Persian Wars

Christopher Mackay (Ph.D. Harvard)

Greek and Latin literature, Roman history and historiography, witchcraft

Rebecca Nagel (Ph.D. Harvard)
Latin literature, the Classical tradition in England

Frances Pownall (Ph.D. Toronto)
Greek history and historiography, Greek language and literature

Selina Stewart (Ph.D. Cornell)
Greek and ancient Near Eastern literature, historical linguistics, queer theory

Complementary courses and supervision are offered by:

Willi Braun (Ph.D. Toronto)
History of early Christian thought, social formation of early Christian associations

Philip Corkum (Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles)
Ancient philosophy

Margriet Haagsma (Ph.D. Groningen)
Greek archaeology, archaeology of domestic space, social and economic history of Hellenistic Greece

Steven Hijmans (Ph.D. Groningen)
Roman art and archaeology, Roman religion

John Kitchen (Ph.D. Toronto)
Christianity in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Jeremy Rossiter (Ph.D. Alberta)
Archaeology of the Roman provinces