Latin America

Latin America, its peoples, and its past provide rich ground for graduate studies in history at the University of Alberta. We offer course- and thesis-based MAs in Latin American history, and we welcome applications from students interested in the colonial or postcolonial history of any region of Latin America. Our particular areas of strength include the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Andes, and indigenous history.

Our fields of graduate study in Latin American history include the following:


  • The Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia)
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Central America
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Cuba
  • Puerto Rico


  • Indigenous history
  • Popular politics
  • Political violence
  • Race and ethnicity


The University of Alberta has a well-established Latin American Studies program and Latin America specialists in a variety of disciplines. Latin Americanist scholars include Catherine Caufield, Odile Cisneros, Russell Cobb, Ann De Le'n, Yvonne Lam, Claudine Potvin, and Victoria Ruétalo in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. Other Latin Americanists include Fred Judson and Isabel Altamirano in Political Science, Ray Morrow in Sociology, Kathleen Lowrey in Anthropology, and Betsy Boone in the Department of Art and Design.

Edmonton is home to a large and vibrant Latin American community. Latin American music, food, and social events are plentiful; there are also several Latin American cultural associations and many opportunities for Spanish bilingual education.

Research Infrastructure

The University of Alberta library is one of the top two research libraries in Canada, and one of the best in North America. The library houses an extensive collection of Latin American monographs and periodicals, and it provides access to a broad range of databases for Latin American materials. The World Newspaper archive offers access to over thirty-five nineteenth- and twentieth-century newspapers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela, among others.

Faculty members areas of expertise:

Jaymie Patricia Heilman (Ph.D. Wisconsin)
Twentieth-century Peru, indigenous politics, agrarian issues, political violence

David C. Johnson (Professor Emeritus) (Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley)
Modern Colombia, social and economic history, violence and popular culture