History and Classics

MA in Classical Archaeology

The MA in Classical Archaeology should be able to be completed in three or four terms (one of which may be the Spring or Summer term), depending on the student’s preparation and course selection.

Entrance Requirements

In addition to general Departmental requirements, students must have a BA with a major in Classics, with the equivalent of at least ★6 of (Ancient) Greek or Latin at the 100-level and with eight courses (★24) in Classics at the 200-level or above, at least two (★6) of which must be at the 400-level. Students with a major in Archaeology, Anthropology, History, or Art History may also be accepted, provided that they have taken at least six courses (★18) in Classics at the 200-level or above.

Program Requirements

Students must take and pass a minimum of six (★18) graduate-level courses, of which at least three (★9) must be in Classics (others will normally be in Anthropology or in a discipline such as History, Art History, or Museum Studies, and must be approved by the Department); take and pass two consecutive registrations in CLASS 900 (★3), which requires an examination on primary and/or secondary sources relevant to the research topic and a research paper of 40-50 pages; take and pass CLASS 501 (★1); and fulfill the modern language requirement in French, German or Italian.

When the student has finished the research paper, it is to be submitted to the supervisor and a second reader.  The second reader is normally another member of the Department, and is chosen by the supervisor in consultation with the student. Each reader then provides the Graduate Chair with a short (normally half page) assessment of the paper outlining its purpose, scope, and result, and indicating whether it is a pass or fail. 

In addition, students should fulfill FGSR’s Ethics and PD Requirements. Specific information on the PD Requirement can be found here