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Other Graduate Student Resources

Aboriginal Student Services Centre - ASSC offers a variety of programs and services to Aboriginal students at the University of Alberta, including advising services, funding for tutoring, and mentoring.

CAPS U of A Career Centre - CAPS offers a variety of career services to University of Alberta undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, alumni and the University community. They help students explore career options, connect with employers, write a resume, prepare for a job interview and find work.

Centre for Teaching and Learning - CTL offers a wide range of programs and services to support teaching and learning.

Centre for Writers - Offers free writing support to all students, staff and instructors on campus, in any subject or discipline, and at all levels of study.

Chaplains' Association - The Chaplains are available for guidance, care and support to any student or staff member, whether or not he or she identifies with a particular faith. They also offer information and referral regarding religious groups and activities on campus, as well as marriage preparation courses and assistance in memorial services.

Graduate Students Association - The GSA is the student group that represents all graduate students at the University of Alberta. The GSA exists to help students on an individual and group level. It has four full-time staff members in addition to its elected executive positions filled by graduate students. The GSA offers the Graduate Student Assistance Program (GSAP) which provides all graduate students with 24/7 access to psychological counselling services, as well as access to a wide range of health, wellness and worklife services provided through Homewood Human Solutions. The GSA also provides emergency bursaries each year based on need. Please call (780) 492-3483 to book an appointment to meet with an Emergency Aid Advisor.

International Student Services - Located at the International Centre, International Student Services is the main campus resource for international students seeking assistance with immigration as well as financial, academic, or personal issues.

Mental Health Centre - The role of the Mental Health Centre is to provide a variety of services that improve the mental health and wellness of students.

Postdoctoral Fellows Assistance Program - The Assistance Program for Postdoctoral Fellows has been designed to help deal with difficult or stressful events in the lives of Postdoctoral Fellows. It provides confidential, professional counselling for a broad range of personal and family problems.

Office of Student Judicial Affairs - The Office of Student Judicial Affairs is one of the offices (along with Deans, Directors and UofA Protective Services) delegated by General Faculties Council to deal with of the Code of Student Behaviour. The office promotes awareness of the Code of Student Behaviour, compliance with the rules, and ethical behaviour. OSJA is also required to address violations of the Code that have been referred to them by UofA Protective Services), Faculty Offices or other Unit Directors.

Student OmbudService - The OmbudService is a confidential service focused on ensuring that university processes related to students operate as fairly as possible. Staff offer information, advice, and support to students, faculty, and staff as they deal with academic, discipline, interpersonal, and financial issues related to student programs. The OmbudService has a section on its website called: "Documents Every Graduate Student Should Read".

Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights - This office provides staff and students with a safe, neutral and confidential space. The office is available to students and staff who have concerns or questions regarding how University policy, procedures or ethical standards are being applied.

Specialized Support and Disability Services - SSDS promotes and coordinates the efforts of University departments and off-campus agencies in meeting students' needs and provides services, which help to equalize educational opportunities for students. SSDS serves prospective and current students at the University of Alberta, as well as staff and faculty, whose disabilities involve any number of conditions affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health.

Student Legal Services - SLS is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low-income individuals in Edmonton understand their legal issues and solve their legal problems. The services are offered by law student volunteers, and include advice on criminal and family law matters.

Student Success Centre - The primary goal of the Centre is to enhance students' learning and writing skills, including exam writing skills. The Centre offers in-person workshops and seminars throughout the term, online workshops, and one-on-one sessions as well as specific graduate student oriented workshops.

University Bursaries and Emergency Funding - UBEF's mandate is to assist students in finding the financial resources necessary to fulill their academic objectives.

University Calendar - Students are advised to refer to the University Calendar for important program information as well as deadlines.

Virtual Wellness - This website has various resources to assist with health and wellness matters. The "Assist U" link provides easy, direct access to external resources for a variety of topics including Parenting and Child Care, Adult Care, Emotional Wellbeing, and Legal and Financial matters.