Est Insolitum Inquirere Taliter: Latin and German Documents From Heinricus Institoris's Witch Hunts In Ravensburg and Innsbruck

The companion volume to Christopher S. Mackay's "An Unusual Inquisition"

14 July 2021

We are pleased to announce that our own Christopher S. Mackay has just published _Est Insolitum Inquirere Taliter_, the companion volume to his _An Unusual Inquisition_. The new _Est Insolitum_ contains the original Latin and German documents relating to the witch hunts in Ravensburg and Innsbruck, conducted by Henricus Institoris in 1484 and 1485; translations of these documents were were previously published in Prof Mackay's Unusual Inquisition.
Both volumes are part of Prof Mackay's ongoing interests in witch hunting (see his _Malleus Maleficarum_, the most famous textbook on witch hunting from the early modern period; the Malleus is available as a two-volume text and translation, and also a stand-alone translation, under the translation _Hammer of Witches_).