History and Classics

PAST Conferences and Lectures



History of Women’s Political and Social Activism in the Canadian West Western Canadian History Lecture
3 Societies Conference LH Thomas Lecture
70 Years After Hiroshima Conference Truth in the Balkans
Dressing Global Bodies Special Guest Lecture: Gerard Bouchard
History and Classics Graduate Students' Association Annual Conference   Tompkins Lecture
Lessons from the Past Visions of the Future More Than Natural Selection
Urban Dreams and Realities On the Margins of Antiquity
Thinking of Water in the Late Persian/Early Hellenistic period in Judah Distinguished Visitor: Angela Wanhalla
Books Before Print: Reading and Writing in Medieval Society
Faith and Story in Imperial Russia
Envisioning Science: Imaging the Body
Health Legacies: Militarization, Health and Society


Visualizing an Ancient City