Contract Instructors, Adjuncts and Post-Doctoral Fellows - Areas of Study

Contract Instructors


Name Position Field Area of Study Contact
Brothers, Bethany PhD Contract Instructor Classics Greek/Roman Mythology
Canlas, Gino Graduate Student Instructor Classics Greek/Roman Mythology

Cuplinskas, Indre

Associate Professor, St Joseph's College History Christianity
Fenton, Kate Graduate Student Instructor Classics
Gold, Brian PhD Contract Instructor History
Gyidel, Ernest PhD Contract Instructor History
Kasinec, Wendy PhD Contract Instructor History
Koon, Kelsey PhD Contract Instructor Classics Classical Archaeology
Lebiedowski, Lech PhD Contract Instructor History Russia/Eastern Europe/USSR/Science, Technology & Medicine
Mackay, Katy Contract Instructor Classics Classics and Classical Languages
Pavlovic, Srdja PhD Contract Instructor History Central/Eastern/South Eastern Europe
Polushin, Michael PhD Contract Instructor History Latin America
Sukhankin, Sergey PhD Contract Instructor History

Eastern Europe/Russia
Rowe, Allan PhD Contract Instructor History Canada
Zelyck, Lorne Assistant Professor, St Joseph's College Religious Studies Early Christianity; New Testament

Adjunct Academic Colleagues

Name Position Field Area of Study Contact
Belisle, Donica Adjunct Assistant Professor History Canada, Consumer, Gender Website
Bradford, Tolly Adjunct History
Clement, Dominique Adjunct Associate Professor History Canada and International Website
Couture, Claude Adjunct Professor History
Freed, Joann Adjunct Professor Classics Classical Archaeology
Mills, David Adjunct Associate Professor History Canada
Paulovicova, Nina Adjunct Assistant Professor History Eastern Europe, esp. Slovakia; Holocaust
Pavlovic, Srdja Adjunct Assistant Professor History Modern Eastern & South Eastern Europe and the Balkans
Rowe, Allan Adjunct Assistant Professor History Canada
Van Deusen, Natalie Adjunct Associate Professor Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Old Norse-Icelandic; Medieval Studies; Hagiography


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Name Position Field Area of Study Contact
Kalashnikov, Antony Postdoctoral Fellow History Eastern Europe/Russia
Pratt, Will Postdoctoral Fellow History World Wars; Treaty 7 Nations
Sauthoff, Patricia Postdoctoral Fellow History South Asian Studies (research in Indian medicine)