Francis Landy

Professor Emeritus

Mailing Address: History and Classics
University of Alberta
2-28 Tory Building
Edmonton AB Canada T6G 2H4


Ph.D. University of Sussex (1983)
B.A. Cambridge University (1969)

Expertise & Research Interests

Francis Landy specializes in the literary study of the Hebrew Bible. He is particularly interested in questions of language, identity, and the relationship of poetry to trauma in the book of Isaiah, on which he has been writing for many years. His focus in this work has been sexuality and gender; death; alterity; and the constitutive enigma, whereby Isaiah is commissioned to speak so as not to be understood. Future topics on which he intends to write are parable and metaphor; maternal imagery in Deutero-Isaiah; and Trito-Isaiah. Other interests are Midrash, Kabbalah and theory in the study of religion, in which he straddles the divide between poetic and socially orientated approaches. His books include Paradoxes of Paradise: Identity and Difference in the Song of Songs, Hosea, a commentary in the Readings series published by Sheffield Phoenix Press, and Beauty and the Enigma and Other Essays on the Hebrew Bible. He is editor of the Canadian journal Studies in Religion, and is currently President of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. As graduate coordinator, he steered through the establishment of the doctoral program in Religious Studies at the University of Alberta.

Research & Publications


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