History and Classics

Post Doctoral Fellows


Welcome to Dr. Will Pratt, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Will Pratt
Postdoctoral Fellow - History and Classics
Supervisor: Dr Sarah Carter

My current research examines Treaty 7 First Nations as home fronts during the world wars. Responses to these conflicts from Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Stoney Nakoda, and Tsu T’ina (Sarcee) peoples were diverse and complex. I use family histories and pensions and disability files alongside other government records to expose connections between the home front and the fighting front, and examine the outcomes of First Nations soldiers once they returned to their reserves.

I received my doctorate from the University of Calgary in 2015, completing a dissertation on the medicalization of Canadian Army morale in the Second World War. Since then, I worked for Parks Canada as a historian, and in 2017-18 I received an Associated Medical Services postdoctoral fellowship to study Albertan First World War veterans’ mental health. I have published articles and book chapters on Canadian military history and Western Canadian history.

  Welcome to Patricia Sauthoff
Postdoctoral Fellow - History and Classics
Supervisor: Dr. Dagmar Wujastyk

I am an Indologist who specializes in medieval Śaiva Tantra from socio-historical perspective. At the University of Alberta I work as a postdoctoral fellow with the European Research Council-funded AyurYog project. Here I examine the alleviation of disease and immortality in ninth to fifteenth century Sanskrit literature and research the relationships between rasaśāstra, tantra, and early yoga.
I received my PhD from SOAS in South Asian Languages and Literatures, MAs from SOAS in History and St. John's College in Eastern Classics, and BAs in Religious Studies and English from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I have taught courses on yoga, theory, Sanskrit, literature, religion, cross-disciplinary humanities, and journalism at Nalanda University in Bihar, India and the College of Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.