Religious Studies Cross-Listed Courses

Religious Studies scholarship is interdisciplinary in scope. Although the Program offers courses in a variety of topics, students are encouraged to take courses on the topic of religion in other departments. You may apply credits earned in many of these courses towards your degree in RELIG ST (note: 100-level courses may not be applied to the Major or Minor).

Note: Courses marked with an asterisk can only be counted toward an RS degree with completion of a program exception form; please contact the Undergraduate Advisor (Neil Dalal, if you have questions. Please contact the professors if you have questions regarding prerequisites or preparedness for upper-level non-RELIG courses. This list was last updated April 2019. Corrections and updates may be directed to Dr. Dalal. Directed readings and thesis research courses have been omitted from this list.


For more information on these courses, please consult BearTracks or contact the offering departments. You can also contact Lydia Dugbazah (Graduate Program Advisor) or Lia Watkin (Undergraduate Advisor) with any questions about the Religious Studies degree programs.

*Note: Not all courses are scheduled in the current academic year. Click on the course name for the course description and schedule details.