Faculty Research


Area of Study

Baskerville, Peter Canada
Braun, Willi Early Christianity
Carter, Sarah Canada
Coleman, Heather Russia/Eastern Europe/USSR
Cormack, Lesley Early Modern Science
Dunch, Ryan East Asia/Modern China
Ede, Andrew Modern Science
Ens, Gerhard Canada
Fraser, Crystal Indian Residential Schools & Indigenous Perspectives, Northern Canada
Gahan, Jairan
Women and gender History, Modern Islam/Middle East and North Africa, Modern Iran
Gouglas, Sean Canada
Gow, Andrew Medieval/Early Modern & Western Europe
Haagsma, Margriet Classics Art/Archaeology
Harris, John Classical Language & Literature
Heilman, Jaymie Latin America
Hendrickson, Jocelyn Medieval Islam, North Africa/Iberia
Hijmans, Steven Classics Art/Archaeology
Jay, Jennifer East Asia
Kemezis, Adam Classical Language/History
Kitchen, John Medieval/Early Modern & Western Europe
Kravchenko, Volodymyr Ukraine
Lemire, Beverly British/Comparative
MacFarlane, Kelly Classics
Mackay, Christopher Classical Language/History
Marples, David Russia/Eastern Europe/USSR
McDougall, Ann Africa
Mouré, Kenneth France/Modern Europe
Muir, James Canada
Nagel, Rebecca Latin Literature & Classical Tradition
Patrouch, Joseph Early Modern Central Europe
Piper, Liza Environmental, Canada
Pownall, Frances Classical Language/History
Romeo, Sharon US History
Rossiter, Jeremy Classics Art/Archaeology
Samson, Jane Britain
Skidmore, Colleen Photography &Art Canada/
Women & Photography Canada/US
Smith, Robert W Science/Technology, US
Smith, Susan US, Medicine, Gender, Race
Stewart, Selina Classical Language & Literature
Stunden Bower, Shannon Western Canada
Sweeney, Dennis Modern Germany/Modern Europe
Sysyn, Frank Ukraine
Wujastyk, Dominik Ancient India