Program Fees

The program fees for the fieldwork component will be $ 1035 in total in 2019. This covers:

Shared accommodation

All meals except Sundays

Local transport, including excursions

Student membership of the Canadian Institute in Greece

Free entrance pass for all archaeological museums and sites in Greece

Instruction Costs

                                                                                                         Canadians                         Int'lstudents

Tuition fees (estimate) (6 credits)

Tuition fee (based on 2016/2017 rates)                                           $1,064.16                         $4,201.92

Application fee (for students not registered with U of A)              $ 125.00**                         $ 125.00**            

Non instructional fees:                                                                      $ 561.83                           $ 561.83

With possibilities to opt out parts of the fee

For an update on the tuition etc. check this website!


Greece Field School Costs

Application Deposit  (non-refundable)                                              $ 60.00                              $60.00

Program Fee                                                                                     $ 950                                 $ 950

Membership fee Canadian Institute in Athens                                   $ 21                                   $ 21

Total     (estimated)                                                                            $2,781.99                          $5,919.75


This excludes travel costs Edmonton-Greece and the train trip from Athens-Paleapharsala v.v.!

NB We are very pleased to announce that our application UofA Education Abroad Group Award has been successfull! This means that eligible students participating in the field schools will receive:

  • - $750 in financial support towards their program fees if they participate in one field school 
  • - $1,250 in financial support towards their program fees if they participated in two field schools

** The $125 application fee applies to those students who have never attended the University of Alberta and are applying as an Open Studies student.

Any former University of Alberta student who has been absent for 12 consecutive months, or is convocating in June 2019, will pay an application fee of $75.00. An application fee is not required for continuing U of A students who are not convocating in June 2019.

Please note: If you are not a current University of Alberta student, you have to apply to Open Studies to be registered in this course.

This class is closed to web registration. Once accepted, the Department of History & Classics will register you in the course. You will be billed automatically by the University of Alberta for your registration fees.


For more information

Dr Margriet J. Haagsma -
Department of History and Classics

2-65 Tory Building

P: 780-492-2985