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Interested in Archaeology in Greece?

Experience another culture while learning how to process ancient archaeological finds!

Greece Archaeological Field School 
May 21st – June 11th 2017

Our site, the Kastro at Kallithea, is a wonderfully well preserved fortified citadel and acropolis dating to the 4th century BCE.  There are many visible structures including the fortifications, acropolis walls, city gates, two cisterns and numerous houses and streets. Our goal is to gain insight into the housing and public buildings of the site, therefore the 2017 season will be dedicated to the study of finds of previously excavated private building 10.

Students will be registered in CLASS 475/476 (undergraduate) or CLASS 601/602 (graduate).

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All eligible students accepted into one or more of the courses will receive a grant determined by the number of courses they take:
$750 for one dig
$1250 for both Italy and Greece

Please direct all inquiries to:

Prof Margriet J Haagsma
2-65 Tory Building
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