What to Bring

Temperatures in June and July in Thessaly can vary. During the day it is ca. 25-30 C or higher, but it can still get cold during the night. This is also the time of the year that it often rains in the afternoons. In July the temperatures are often higher and the mercury can hit 45 C.

Bring adequate clothing both for working and off-site time. Cataloguing work is dirty work! So, bring old clothes. We will go on excursions too, so bring strong light-weight boots, a t-shirt and a sweater. Something to cover your head is essential to protect you from the sun.

Bring some clothes that you can wear in the evening in the taverna, or when we visit museums etc. It is usually handy to have a small backpack to bring to the site every day to store personal items, sunblock, water etc. It is advisable to display our Canadian identity. Buy a sticker with the maple leaf and stick it on your backpack. An extensive list of things to bring will be handed out during our information sessions.