General Information


Travel to, from, and within Italy is at the student’s expense. Students should plan to arrive in the region on Saturday, June 10th. Further information on when and where we will meet you to transport you to the hotel will be given to student participants. The hotel will be open on that date and supper provided that first Saturday. Students must sign a health waiver form upon arrival in Torre Orsaia. All students must be ready to vacate the hotel by noon on Friday, June 30th.   


Students will be lodged, three to a room, in a hotel in the nearby town of Torre Orsaia.


Breakfast, a snack break, lunch (sandwiches, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fruit) and dinner (3 course meal) will be provided Monday morning through to Friday lunch. Friday dinner, Saturday, and Sunday meals are at the discretion of the student. A variety of meal options and supermarkets are available in Torre Orsaia. If students remain in Torre Orsaia for the weekend a light Italian breakfast (coffee and croissant) will be provided over the weekend.

Subsistence Fees:

The sum of $1800* Canadian is due by April 31st. Subsistence fees cover the cost of food, accommodations, and equipment for the duration of the field school.
*This is an estimate based on previous years and is subject to change.

Field trips:

Roccagloriosa is in the Cilento, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in Campania. It is approximately 10 km from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and in close proximity to the ancient Greek, Lucanian, and Roman site of Paestum as well Velia. There will be a group field trip to Paestum and the possibility of arranging group visits to Velia and other archaeological sites in the area (voluntary). Students are encouraged to travel and explore the region during the weekends.