Required Equipment

Personal Equipment

Students must bring with them:
  • canvas or leather hiking boots: these are essential wear on site
  • thick socks
  • small day packs for field trips
  • rain jacket: there can be heavy thunderstorms in Italy in the summer
  • personal hygiene items including towel, wash cloth, and any allergy medications
  • thermos flask or canteen
  • pocket knife
  • swimming gear - a possibility on weekends
  • alarm clock
  • drinking cup for meals and tea on site
  • suntan lotion/sunscreen: there is a high risk of sunburn
  • change of clothing suitable for cold nights and hot days: this should include a sweater
  • Gatorade powder, iron pills, mineral salt supplements, multivitamins are advised
Clothes must be hand washed and students should pack accordingly. All students MUST wear long pants for work on site. Students should ensure that they are able to cover their arms and heads. Long sleeved shirts and sun hats are recommended.

Archaeological Equipment package

Students/Volunteers are responsible for bringing the following to site:
  • U of A site notebook (must be deposited in the excavation archive at the end of the course). The regulation notebook is the U of A Physics notebook with a hard black cover: students from outside of Edmonton can purchase a notebook at the site.
  • pointing trowel (not a garden trowel)
  • one black India Ink pen (available at Michael's or art supply stores)
  • pencils/erasers
  • pencil sharpeners
  • one black sharpie
  • black ball point pen (must use black ink in the site notebook)