History and Classics

Archaeological Field School - Vacone, Italy



Come excavate a Roman villa as part of the University of Alberta Archaeological Field School at Vacone, Italy!


**Italy field school won't be offered during the 2020 timeframe


This past year the students Italy Field School timeframe was June 16th – July 6th 2019

Vacone, Italy (Lazio)

The 2019 field school in Italy operates at the Roman villa in the town of Vacone, located about 40 miles north of Rome. 

The Vacone villa has evidence of Republican, Imperial, and post-antique occupation and activity. The villa has been excavated since 2012 under the auspices of the international Upper Sabina Tiberina Project

By participating in this field school, you will learn about Roman archaeology by doing it! You will have the opportunity to find material objects that have not been seen or touched since the Roman period – objects that will contribute to our knowledge about Roman life, culture and history. This course is designed for people with an interest in the ancient world, and with archaeology more generally. No previous experience is necessary; there are no prerequisites.

As part of your training you will learn excavation techniques; site recording (including 3D modelling); the handling, processing and preserving of site materials, such as mosaics, painted wall plaster, pottery, human remains and small finds. You will also learn about post-excavation management, including the drawing and study of artefacts.

The course is 6 credits (includes CLASS 475/476 or CLASS 601/602).  **Limited volunteer positions are available on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact Prof. Rice for additional information.