BA Honors in History

**Honors Essay Due Date: Wed. April 15, 2020

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What are the advantages of an Honors History BA?

The Honors History Program offers unique opportunities to:

  • conduct a major research project that reflects your interests
  • work closely with a faculty adviser/mentor
  • become part of a small cohort of students with similar interests and talents
  • pursue more History courses than allowed with the regular BA
  • gain research and writing experience that will help prepare you for graduate studies
  • strengthen your application to graduate school, law school and other professional programs

What are the admission and promotion requirements

To enter the Honors History program, students must have a minimum 3.3 GPA and an average of at least 3.3 in their History courses. Students must maintain these minimums to continue in the Honors History programs.

When should you apply?

Students should apply at the end of their first or second year of study. The application deadline is MARCH 1. Students wishing to apply during their third year of study should consult the History Honors adviser or Associate Chair-Undergraduate for guidance.

You can apply to the Honors History program online, via the Registrar's Website for Undergraduate Admissions and apply for an internal transfer.

What are the requirements?

  • The Honors History BA requires a minimum of *48 to a maximum of *60 in History (including junior courses)
  • A minimum of *9 at the 400-level in History
  • At least *42 at the senior (200, 300, 400) level in History, including at least *12 in the area of the Honors essay
  • HIST 500, the historiography seminar. Students will usually take this course during their third year
  • HIST 501 (Honors essay). Students research and write the Honors essay (usually 40-50 pages) under the supervision of a Department faculty member
  • Students must satisfy the Department of their ability to read a Language Other than English, usually through a translation exam conducted by the Department or the completion of *6 in one senior-level Language Other than English
  • Students may also apply up to *6 of the following courses in Ancient History toward their Honors History BA, except when doing a minor in Classics: CLASS 254, 255, 261, 280, 282, 283, 294, 303, 330, 354*, 355*, 356, 375, 376, 380, 399*, 400*, 463, 473, 478, 480, 481, 499. *Eligible when the topic is on ancient history or archaeology, but not literature
  • Students must also complete the Faculty of Arts requirements for the BA Honors degree

Can I do a Combined Honors program in History?

Yes! Students may pursue a Combined Honors program in History and another discipline. The common requirements in a Combined Honors program are the same as for other Honors programs.

A Combined Honors degree in History and another discipline requires:

  • a minimum of *42 in History, including at least *36 at the senior level and at least *6 at the 400 level
  • a minimum of *36 in the other discipline
  • HIST 500 (*6) Historiography seminar
  • HIST 501 (*6) Honors Essay is normally required in the fourth year. However, with the Advisor's approval, this may be replaced with *6 in History if the student will be completing an Honors Essay in the other discipline. With special permission, a Combined Honors Essay may also be permitted in lieu of HIST 501
  • Students must satisfy the second language requirements of the BA Honors History program
  • In a combined Honors program, students must meet the promotion and graduation standards of each discipline
  • For a Combined Honors program in History and Classics, students must satisfy the above requirements, completing a minimum of *36 in CLASSICS and/or GREEK and/or LATIN. Classics 500, or a Combined Honors Essay, INT D 520, may be included as *3 of the *36 minimum