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Photo:  Dr. J. Rossiter (currently on sabbatical)

** Class tours and visitations can be arranged by contacting the Museum Curator - Dr. Steven Hijmans at shijmans@ualberta.ca 780-492-2561 or the department's main office at 780-492-3270.

The WG Hardy collection of ancient Near Eastern and Classical antiquities has been established as a permanent exhibition in the Department of History & Classics since the 1970's. The collection was originally housed in the Humanities Centre, but was moved to its new home in the Tory Building, Room 2-89 in September 2000. The new museum was officially opened in September 2002 by Dr Ralph Jackson, curator of Early European Archaeology at the British Museum.

The collection comprises antiquities from several ancient cultures and periods including the early civilizations of Mesopotamia (Iraq), the Iron Age culture of ancient Palestine, the Classical and Hellenistic ages of ancient Greece, Roman Italy and the Roman provinces. Among the objects on display are numerous pieces of Greek and Roman decorated pottery, a broad selection of Greek and Roman coins, several fine examples of ancient glass, and an assortment of ancient jewellery. The collection also includes a rare Roman portrait bust of Agrippina, mother of the Roman emperor Claudius.

Our volunteer run Museum is Free and Open to the Public from September - April

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Closed during November (Fall Term Reading Week), December (Christmas Holiday Break), and February (Winter Term Reading Week) breaks and all statutory holidays.