HR Business Services

HR Business Services supports the efficient and effective operation of the University's human resource processes, policies, practices and procedures and administers the employment terms and conditions of the academic, support and graduate student agreements while ensuring the accurate, timely and consistent payment of salaries, wages, scholarships, awards and bursaries to all payment recipients. The unit also supports the design, administration and delivery of benefits, pensions and other services for University staff and affiliates. Through the provision of HR technology, tools, reports, processes and systems, the HR Business Services supports the strategic delivery of HR services provided by central HRS, our HR practitioners and our customers throughout the university community.

Employment Services

Employment Services serves as the central point of contact for each of the department and faculty HR contacts, employees and HR practitioners. Dedicated resources within each team process HR transactions for their assigned client areas and administer the terms and conditions of each academic and support agreement. The teams provide support to the specialist units as required and are the "process experts" related to employment terms and conditions within HRS.

  • Administers the employment terms and conditions of the AASUA and NASA
  • Provides process advice, guidance, education and support to HR resources across campus
  • Processes leaves, appointments, merits, probation, promotions, re-evaluations, terminations, retirements, layoffs and all other job actions
  • Reviews and approves HR eForms
  • Primary customers are departments and faculties regarding all HR administrative issues
  • Administer illness, vacation and other leave plans and process all time within PeopleSoft Time and Labour

HR Systems & Reporting

HR Systems & Reporting is responsible for the analysis, delivery, support and security of HR technology, including PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and other HR software applications supporting the operational needs of the university, including HRS, Faculties and Departments, our partners and our customers.

In addition, this unit provides Business Intelligence functions to support operational and strategic decision making through information requests, data analysis, reporting, and metrics of operational and strategic objectives.

  • Work with service partners and customers to implement, maintain and support the business functions of PeopleSoft HCM
  • Analyze business requirements, conduct investigations and identifies issues, expected outcomes and suggestions to resolve problems or meet business requirements
  • Process, analyze and interpret information requests
  • Develop metrics and key performance indicators to support institutional and strategic decision making and explore existing data to forecast emerging issues and trends
  • Partner with Strategic Analysis and Data Warehousing to support the development of the HR data warehouse and support negotiations, association relations and institutional planning
  • Implement HR technology to support the efficient and effective operation of HRS and our partners

HR Process Development & Training

HR Process Development & Training is responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive training and learning strategy to support, facilitate and enhance the efficient use of PeopleSoft system and resources.

  • Develop quick-reference guides, jobs aids, and supporting documentation for user training and production support
  • Collaborate with business users/analysts and subject matter experts to identify inefficiencies and gaps in processes, develop strategies to improve, update and implement new process workflows and procedures.
  • Deliver tailored training on HCM for HR contacts across campus through facilitated workshop and instructor-led sessions.


Payroll specializes in the timely and accurate payment and reporting of salaries, wages, scholarships and other payments to employees, students, postdoctoral fellows and colleagues.

  • Process monthly and semi-monthly payroll and monitor steps in the production of on-cycle and off-cycle direct deposit and paycheques
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory and regulatory reporting of taxes and record of employment
  • Educate the University community on payroll related issues and provide expertise on payroll and tax-related issues
  • Manage reconciliation of payroll, benefit, pension and suspense accounts

Pension & Benefits

Pension & Benefit Services specializes in the administration and reporting of several benefit and pension plans.

  • Ensure compliance with all statutory and regulatory reporting of pensions
  • Educate the university community on benefit related issues and provide expertise on pension and benefit related issues
  • Manage UAPP, PSPP, ASRP and ESRP pension plans and all related pension enrollment, deduction and reporting requirements
  • Manage automated benefit enrollment/termination/ change processes and process life events
  • Manage reconciliation of payroll, benefit, pension and suspense accounts