Advancing the Institutional Plan

To serve as a trusted advisor and resource in advancing the vision and objectives of the institutional plan For the Public Good, in consultation and collaboration with stakeholders, we will:

1. Develop and implement a total compensation philosophy and strategy framework

2. Develop and implement a strategy to address the changes within the Alberta labour relations framework

3. Lead the development of a strategy to enrich learning, professional and leadership development, and mentoring for leaders, staff, faculty and postdoctoral fellows (FPG Objective 15)

4. Develop and implement a strategy for creating pathways for career mobility and progression for non-academic staff (FPG Objective 3)

5. Develop and implement a workplace mental health strategy for faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows, enhancing programs and services to sustain their mental health and well-being (FPG Objective 19)

6. Develop and implement a university-wide faculty and staff engagement strategy and survey instrument to be used as a performance indicator for evaluating For the Public Good

7. Enhance and introduce new university processes, systems and tools to attract and recruit a diverse complement of faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows from around the world (FPG Objective 3)

8. Contribute to the development and implementation of a new comprehensive and inclusive University Employment Equity Plan, Workforce Diversity Data Strategy and implement an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Education Strategy to advance and demonstrate the university's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (FPG Objectives 1,2,3,4,5)

9. Review and enhance processes and supports for faculty and staff orientation and onboarding