Delivering Exemplary Service

To transform our service culture, service delivery and business processes, we will:

10. Define an HRS service philosophy and establish standards that foster a culture of proactive, responsive and integrated services

11. Enhance the job evaluation system by defining a job architecture that supports career pathways and streamlines the job evaluation process for clients (FPG Objective 3)

12. Prioritize, develop and implement critical human resource tools and technology to improve the quality and efficiency of services to clients

13. Develop and implement a strategic workforce planning methodology and human resource analytics strategy to ensure the collection and reporting of information that supports evidence-based decision-making by human resources, senior administration, faculties and departments

14. Prioritize, streamline and implement improvements to human resource business processes to ensure administrative efficiency and effectiveness

15. Identify, prioritize and refine our service delivery model to balance client and institutional needs with financial sustainability

16. Foster the growth of human resource networks and the development of an integrated, effective, collaborative human resources community across the institution

17. Design and implement a comprehensive human resources orientation and training program for all university staff who have human resource, management or supervisory responsibilities

18. Develop a client communication strategy to provide targeted messaging and education regarding human resource policies, procedures, practices and legislation, and to promote our programs, initiatives and services

19. Develop a comprehensive long-term labour relations strategy and enhance our capacity to ensure the university's interests are fully represented to achieve the most favourable outcome possible