Foreign Visitors Exempt from the International Mobility Program (IMP)

The International Mobility Program does not apply to foreign nationals who are visiting the U of A as Interviewee's, Guest Speakers/Seminar Leaders/Workshop Facilitators, Conference/Workshop/Seminar Participants/Speakers, Foreign Delegates, or Academic Evaluators/Examiners. U of A host departments/units inviting such visitors are not required to submit a Foreign Visitor Category Assessment. For all other foreign visitors, host departments/units are responsible for submitting a Foreign Visitor Category Assessmentt.

To invite foreign visitors who are exempt from the IMP, the U of A host will determine the category of visitor below, completing the corresponding invitation letter and sending it to the visitor, cc'ing

Will visit campus to attend interview(s) for employment. May also visit campus facilities and meet University staff members.

Guest Speaker/Seminar Leader/Workshop Facilitator
Will visit campus to deliver speeches, workshops or seminars not exceeding 5 days of speaking engagements.

Conference/Workshop/Seminar Participant
Will attend as a participant only.

Participant and Speaker
Will attend as a participant and deliver a paper or make speeches (not exceeding 5 days of speaking engagements).

Academic Evaluator/Examiner
Will either visit campus to review student's thesis or work done by student under visitor's tutelage OR will evaluate university programs or research proposals.