Interim Staffing Solutions

Hire Temporary Staff - Interim Staffing Solutions Program

The Interim Staffing Solutions (ISS) program is offered to the University of Alberta (U of A) campus community by the Recruitment Services unit within Human Resource Services. ISS employees are governed under the University of Alberta Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) collective agreement under Article 22.

Placement of an ISS Employee

To have an ISS employee placed in your department, please complete a Request for Support Form. Recruitment Services screens, interviews, reference checks and completes proficiency testing to help us place an employee with the right skill level to meet your needs. Once a request has been submitted to Recruitment Services, it becomes an ISS assignment.

Assignment Lengths

ISS employees must work a minimum of three hours and can work up to a maximum of 1820 hours on a continuous basis in one assignment. Placements can be arranged with an ISS employee starting as quickly as the next business day, you just have to communicate your needs to us and we will work with the employee. You have the option of shortening or lengthening the assignment at any time. Should you decide to shorten the assignment length, we will establish a new end date and notify the ISS employee of this change. Should you wish to extend the assignment length, we will follow up with the ISS employee to ensure they are able to stay longer than originally planned.

Assignment Pay and Timesheets

The ISS program operates on a cost-recovery basis by charging a nominal fee that is significantly less than external agencies. Included in this fee are the cost of handling the payroll, statutory deductions, vacation pay, eligible sick time and access to Employee and Family Assistance Program. The ISS employee is paid by the ISS program, therefore, Recruitment Services will recover the cost by processing a bill back to your department. Approximately 60-65% of ISS employees are hired by departments into permanent jobs within the first six months of placing an ISS employee into an assignment.

ISS employees are paid at an hourly rate that is in accordance with the job duties of the particular assignment. Once a new ISS employee has accumulated 1820 work hours, they receive a five percent increase in their hourly rate. This is a one-time only adjustment to an employee’s hourly rate and is in lieu of the provision of regular benefits.

ISS employees complete timesheets on a semi-monthly basis and will request a speed code and signature from the assignment supervisor. The ISS employee then submits the timesheet to Recruitment Services for keying. Departments are expected to retain copies of timesheets for record of payment.

Vacation, Illness Leave and Overtime

ISS employees receive four percent of wages in lieu of annual vacation entitlement and are eligible for Paid Holidays in accordance with the University of Alberta Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) collective agreement.  If eligible to receive the holiday pay, they will receive their assignment rate for the regular scheduled hours of the day. To be eligible for paid holidays, ISS employees must be at work the last normal working day before the paid holiday or the first normal working day after. For part-time employees, the general holiday must fall on a regular working day in order to be eligible for holiday pay.

Overtime hours must be approved by the assignment supervisor before they are worked.  ISS employees are paid at a rate of time and a half for the first two hours and double time for all hours thereafter.

ISS employees accrue one sick day for every 152 accumulated regular hours worked to a maximum accumulation of 12 days at any time.

Performance Management

Recruitment Services is accountable for the performance management of all ISS employees. At the time of orientation, all new ISS employees are informed of their performance expectations as part of the ISS program. Hiring department should also inform ISS employees of their performance expectations at the beginning of an assignment. Should a placement not be a match, contact us directly.
What the U of A Campus has to say about ISS

“Our faculty experienced a period of both significant change and a number of vacant positions due to illness. Realistically, we would not have been able to navigate that difficult period was it not for the incredible support of ISS. The temporary staff ISS provided to us were professional, hard-working, and extremely talented. When we contacted ISS for assistance, they listened closely to our needs and provided temporary staffing to us that were able to meet every challenge that was put upon them. “ - Faculty of Law

“I've consistently used ISS for temporary staffing over the years.  It's highly helpful to have the assistance of ISS in quickly identifying appropriate candidates for our needs, who are already familiar with the University system and in many cases bring experience from diverse U of A units with them.  We've employed ISS personnel for periods from a day to a year, sometimes on short notice, and in some cases these staff have later successfully applied for positions in our unit and permanently joined our team.  ISS is a great resource.”  - Department of English and Film Studies

 “When we are looking for experienced, professional help, our first call is to ISS. While there are many temp agencies outside of the University, the benefits of having individuals familiar with working on the campus and its complex environment saves our area time and money. “ - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
“Interim Staffing Solutions (ISS) has been invaluable in providing us with temporary help for those times when it is required. Response times to requests are quick and ISS tries hard to find the right fit for the department and the needs of the assignment. The temporary staff we have been assigned are generally very good and if there are concerns, the staff at ISS address them immediately.  We greatly appreciate the assistance ISS provides us for our temporary staffing needs.” -Department of Educational Psychology