Job Design & Evaluation

Faculty Service Officer: Definition and Evaluation Process


Article 1.11 - Faculty Service Officer Agreement

“Faculty Service Officer (FSO) category” is the group of academic staff who assist and collaborate with faculty members in teaching and the research process. Such staff members will normally have a post-graduate degree in the particular discipline to which they are attached. The tasks they are assigned may include an administrative component, but this will not be a major component of the assignment. A position in this category shall be established under the same procedures as those used for faculty positions. Staff members shall be counted with faculty in the staff count.

Position Description

The Faculty may use a form for position description that will align with their particular Standards of Performance (including expectations for each rank) and which facilitate the ability of the Faculty Evaluation Committee to (a) make recommendations regarding probation and continuing appointment, (b) decide on increments; and (c) decide on promotions. A sample template is attached for your convenience.

Position Validation

  1. The Position Description is forwarded to Faculty and Staff Relations at
  2. The supervisor will be contacted for any clarification or additional information that may be required.
  3. The validation process for the establishment of an FSO position is based on the content of the position description, the information collected from the supervisor, the organizational structure and context in which the work is done, and comparator positions on campus.
  4. The supervisor is notified in writing of the validation decision.
  5. The level of FSO is determined by the faculty according to the FSO Standards of Performance.