Finance Assistant

Finance Assistants perform a variety of routine tasks within clearly defined procedures. Decisions are made regarding the set-up, sequencing and priority of tasks.

Duties of a Finance Assistant may include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing monthly statements for outstanding invoices and credits
  • Processing Journal Vouchers and Indents
  • Coordinating purchasing including preparing purchase orders
  • Processing invoices and entering data for Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable
  • Processing travel & expense claims
  • Verifying and reconciling credit card expenses
  • Reconciling accounts (Operating/Trust) including investigating discrepancies and monitoring over expenditures
  • Providing General Ledger, revenue and expenditure reports and transaction details to unit supervisors
  • Processing fee receipts and deposits
  • Administering and maintaining petty cash
  • Creating and maintaining financial records/files

Note:  When assessing the level of positions, the following elements are taken into consideration: the work described; the context in which the work is done; the organizational structure; and comparable positions on campus.