Finance Coordinator

Finance Coordinators perform a wide variety of somewhat complex activities performed within a number of standard procedures and policies. Decisions involve selection of the appropriate procedures/techniques to follow among several standard alternatives.

Duties of a Finance Coordinator may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with budget planning including forecasting and analysis
  • Running financial queries and reports
  • Consolidating financial results for reports
  • Preparing monthly and year-end financial summaries/reports
  • Coordinating journal transfers and adjustments           
  • Implementing consistent and effective financial management systems and processes
  • Providing explanations and variance analysis of financial anomalies or issues to management and/or stakeholders
  • Processing transactions using Enterprise Financial System and financial journals, and using financial queries, reporting tools, and analytical methods to monitor and reconcile transactions
  • Investigating and resolving discrepancies between account transactions and account balances
  • Monitoring accounts and reports over expenditures

Note:  When assessing the level of positions, the following elements are taken into consideration: the work described; the context in which the work is done; the organizational structure; and comparable positions on campus.