Student Services Assistant

Student Services Assistants perform a variety of routine tasks within clearly defined procedures; decisions are made regarding the set-up, sequencing and priority of tasks.

Duties of a Student Services Assistant may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing reception and general information for a Student Services area; directing visitors and responding to or redirecting telephone, in-person or e-mail inquiries
  • Providing general administrative support including room bookings, drafting letters, creating and maintaining student files, proofing and photocopying course material, entering grades and grade changes, preparing examination notices, creating newsletters and maintaining the department website and notice boards
  • Maintaining admissions databases and preparing basic admissions and enrolment statistics
  • Reviewing and processing applications for admission including evaluating transcripts, GPA ranking, and verifying document authenticity and completeness
  • Administering the awards process including processing applications, ranking applicants, making recommendations, notifying students and compiling statistics
  • Collecting and tracking student fees and issuing receipts
  • Assisting students with the registration process
  • Representing the department at recruitment and orientation events
  • Liaising with other university departments such as the Registrar’s Office, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and University of Alberta International on day-to-day issues
  • Performing timetabling and scheduling, including classroom bookings, and calendar updates/changes

Note: When assessing the level of positions, the following elements are taken into consideration: the work described; the context in which the work is done; the organizational structure; and comparable positions on campus.