Job Design & Evaluation

Student Services Lead or Supervisor

Student Services Leads/Supervisors perform and/or oversee a wide variety of somewhat complex activities performed within a number of standard procedures and policies. Decisions involve selection of the appropriate procedures/techniques to follow among several standard alternatives. These roles often include lead hand or full supervision of student services support staff.

Duties of a Student Services Lead/Supervisor may include, but are not limited to:

  • Supervising and coordinating staff including recruiting, selecting, training, and monitoring work; mediating/resolving staff issues and conducting performance reviews
  • Ensuring effective operation of student services unit (admissions, transfer credit assessment, student advising, registration, convocation)
  • Contributing to the development of policies and procedures and overseeing implementation and maintenance
  • Overseeing timetabling and scheduling including classroom bookings and calendar updates/changes
  • Analyzing admissions data, identifying trends and making recommendations
  • Providing support for student appeals and disciplinary cases
  • Planning and implementing strategies for recruitment of students
  • Liaising with the Registrar’s Office, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and University of Alberta International to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures
  • Participating on faculty and campus-wide committees in the development of university policies, procedures, standards and system improvements

Note: When assessing the level of positions, the following elements are taken into consideration: the work described; the context in which the work is done; the organizational structure; and comparable positions on campus.