Job Design & Evaluation

The Aiken Plan Significant Changes to a Job Defined

(This document has been developed for the purposes of Article 15.05(d) of the U of A/NASA Collective Agreement, Common Provisions)  

The addition or deletion of the following, is considered to be a significant change and may result in a change to the grade level:

  • Supervision - The addition or deletion of supervisory duties.  
  • Scope - The impact the position has on the organization.  For example, is the impact to the unit, the Department, the Faculty or the entire organization?  Size and complexity of the area and reporting structure are examples of some of the items considered.  
  • Decision-making and Accountability - The increase or decrease in the level of authority, decision-making and responsibility for outcomes.  
  • Breadth - The increase or decrease in variety and/or diversity of tasks.  For example, addition or deletion of tasks/duties that are unrelated to existing duties and may require a different skillset.  

The following items are not considered to be significant changes, and would not result in a change to the grade level:

  • Volume - Volume does not affect the evaluation as it is essentially more of the same work.
  • Market, Recruitment and Long Service Issues - These are pay related issues and are not addressed through the job evaluation process.
  • Incumbent Experience and Qualifications - A job evaluation assesses the level of duties performed and the minimum level of education needed to perform those duties. Experience and education of the incumbent do not impact the job evaluation process.
  • Incumbent Performance - The job evaluation process is not a performance appraisal.
  • Confidentiality - Confidentiality of material or subject matter dealt with is a performance expectation.
  • Safety and Accuracy - Safety and accuracy are performance expectations.
  • Duties Assumed -An employee may assume additional duties at the same level which have not been formally assigned and would not be required on an ongoing basis. If duties at a higher level are assumed on a temporary basis, this is addressed through the application of Responsibility Pay.
  • Technology  - Although new technology is implemented, existing duties remain unchanged.
  • Stress - Stress in the workplace is personal and particular to individuals and is not measured in the job evaluation process.

Please Note: There are nine Aiken Plan job evaluation factors, and when ranked, they provide a total points score. A specific grade may be achieved by many different combinations of factors/rankings/total points.