Job Design & Evaluation

The Purpose of the Job Fact Sheet

The Job Fact Sheet is used in many areas of human resource management. For compensation purposes, it provides information needed to compare positions externally through salary surveys, and also to evaluate positions in relation to other similar types of jobs within the university.

They may also be used in organization studies, career planning activities, identifying training and development needs and in setting individual objectives for performance evaluation purposes. The process of preparing position descriptions is also a valuable aid to supervisors and their staff in clarifying position responsibilities.

To be used effectively for any of these purposes, it is essential for a position description to be factual, concise, complete and unambiguous and to be written in a uniform style and format.

A well-written Job Fact Sheet serves multiple purposes:

  • A breakdown of the University of Alberta's results to be achieved by individual work;
  • A communication tool aligning the expectations of the University of Alberta to position incumbents; and
  • A support tool for:
    • Human resource planning
    • Job evaluation
    • Recruitment
    • Performance assessment, and
    • Professional development

The Support Staff Job Evaluation Checklist, in addition to the job fact sheet, will assist Job Design and Evaluation in completing the evaluation of support staff positions.

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